Kipton Cronkite

“My passion is to connect beautiful homes with the works of emerging and established artists – as it is through art that the true essence of space can be fully realized.”

About Kipton Cronkite

For over 15 years, my work has been guided by a passion for nurturing and giving artists access to a broad range of collectors.
Kipton grew up in Oklahoma but moved to New York City in 2001, shortly before the September 11th attacks, to pursue a career in art and finance. After working at a prominent Soho Gallery, he worked for Citigroup and Bank of America becoming Director and SVP of Investor Relations until 2009. There, he worked with clients who had significant art assets, helping them set up lines of credit for their art collections.
In 2005, while working full-time in finance, he launched an online platform to support artists, where he curated over 150 events and exhibitions in the next 5 years. When the recession rocked the world in 2009, he pivoted into a full-time career in the art world, opening his first gallery space on Wall Street. Since then, he has maintained support for emerging artists, launching ArtStager to exhibit art in real estate properties, and collaborated with global brands such as: Soho House, Emirates Airlines, Chloé, Asprey, Columbia Records, and Mercedes Benz, among others. He has also created partnerships with media partners, such as GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, The Observer, and The Wall Street Journal.