Kipton Cronkite

“My passion is to connect beautiful homes with the works of emerging and established artists – as it is through art that the true essence of space can be fully realized.”


Greystone Mansion Design Showhouse – Beverly Hills

“Kipton’s breadth of knowledge and sophisticated eye makes him a pleasure to work with. He exposed me to artists I wasn’t familiar with. Working with him on a project in Beverly Hills, we selected provocative artwork of a large scale that suited the enormous spaces. A room without art is incomplete. Kipton’s suggestions were the perfect punctuation points. ”
Jamie Drake
Kipton worked with Jamie Drake of Drake/Anderson to locate a painting for the largest room at Greystone Mansion. While challenging, Kipton actively searched for an artist who had bright and vibrant colors to match Mr. Drake’s desired aesthetic of the room. The result allowed him to secure an LA-based artist who later received international exposure on the cover of multiple design publications.



Beverly Hills