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Get To Know: LA-based painter, Lindsey Warren

While in New York, and through the arts organization, ChaShaMa, I met Lindsey Warren and fell in love with her work. After I moved to LA last year, I reconnected with Warren and have been following her explosive art career ever since. In curating the artists for ‘Conscious Shift’, Warren’s messaging around mindfulness, consciousness, and love of nature captured my attention. Earlier this summer, I put together this interview to introduce my clients and followers to her process.

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‘Conscious Shift’ Celebrates Mindfulness

I’m very proud to present “Conscious Shift” in L.A. on Saturday, September 14th! This body of work explores mindfulness, consciousness, and the beauty of nature. Get to know this group of nature lovers (Lindsey Warren, Rotem Reshef, Brandon Lomax, Kelsey NaPier, Cris Lapp, Jade Doskow, and Clayton Woodley) and dive into a more philosophical journey of mindfulness and consciousness through the energy of Greg Haberny, Juan Antonio Guirado, Matt Smiley, Theodore Boyer, Renee Phillips, David Paul Kay, and Mr. Brainwash). My goal creating this exhibition was to elevate the viewer’s consciousness while bringing together some captivating works by some some of my favorite emerging and mid-career artists. Message me to schedule a Skype or FaceTime call to learn more!

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