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How Is Art Valued?

As I was settling into my west coast life in Los Angeles over the last year, I had time to reflect on the next steps for my business.  One day during a conversation with a friend, something triggered me and I recognized that the knowledge I had been sharing exclusively with clients seemed to be limiting the growth of my business.  At that moment, I made the decision to launch a video series to share my knowledge more broadly in a public forum.  Three months in, I have grown more confident to carve out a video series that is beginning to resonate.  The third video “How Art Is Valued” provides three tips to keep in mind when valuing a piece of art.

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This March I was introduced to Interior Designer David Brian Sanders through mutual friends in LA.  Walking into his Melrose office, I was greeted by his adorable little dog and as I knelt to pet him, I heard this kind voice from the other room who hailed, "Be right there! Would you like a coffee?"  In that moment I knew we would become fast friends -- cheerful and polite gets me every time!  Last week, I sat down with David and picked his brain about his career, hobbies, and goals.  I hope you'll take time to get to know him and reach out to him if you're in the process of designing or redesigning your home! 

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When I discovered ThankYouX’s process is painting while listening to music, I wanted to get to know him better. It’s beautiful how music allows stories and sensations to flow through our bodies! ThankYouX gets lost in the colors and lets the can or brush lead his entire body to paint an interpretation of the songs he hears and feels. For the month of November, I’m very proud to have curated the new exhibition, ‘Guided by Sound’ for Soho House West Hollywood. I also included ThankYouX in Episode 2: Top 5 Emerging and Mid Career Artists now on IGTV and YouTube so check it out!

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