Get To Know: Brooklyn-based artist, Alexandra Posen

Dive In! Alexandra Posen’s vivid, sensual, inspiring art is far more than just a metaphor or mantra—for those of you in or visiting Los Angeles this month, it’s real—right here, right now!  DIVES is the kick-off of my West Coast art program this year in LA.  I was honored Alexandra (who shares my mantra for body and spirit in her work) agreed to work with me as I curated her works for the January art series at Soho House West Hollywood.  

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Kipton Cronkite

Now I get why Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, VOGUE, and House Beautiful have recognized this talented star.  Over the last decade, Los Angeles-based celebrity designer Adam Hunter has made a positive mark in the interior design world. Recently, I had the opportunity to catch up with him at his LA office to gain a clearer understanding around his passion for art and design, his favorite music, art influences, and so much more.    

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Bedazzling Basel, 2017

A profusion of peripatetic (and yes, more purple and less politics) was what bedazzled me at Art Basel Miami this year, my 14th consecutive.  New works by Tokyo-based Tomoo Gokita, LA-based Haas Brothers, Brooklyn-based Jean-Pierre Roy, and Beacon, New York-based twins Doug + Mike Starn, got my blood pumping this year. I consolidated other stand-outs to watch in 2018. 

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